Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New MENU Tripod Set

MENU has made it easy to add a healthy measure of zest to your meal. Pods are a new range of beautifully designed glassware with different measuring tops for herbs, spices, vegetable oil and more.

The stylish Pods can stand in threes on a Tripod tray with detachable finger grip, so you can easily carry a Tripod or two to the dining table or out to the garden.
Pods with different measuring tops and the Tripod stand can be purchased individually or in a gift box with 1 Tripod, 2 Pods with non-drip pouring spout and 1 Pod with shaker with large holes. Add to your collection as required.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Menu Wine Breather nominated for the Formland Design Award – Spring 2010

Menu A/S has now made aerating wine easy and entertaining with the new Wine Breather Carafe, which aerates a bottle of wine in less than two minutes.

This new product has been created with focus on design and aesthetics and is nominated for the Formland Design Award – Spring 2010.

"Aerating wine becomes a delightful experience with the carafe from Menu A/S. This is elegant, Scandinavian design expression, and the carafe is both hygienic and practical. You can aerate and serve wine in the carafe or pour it back into the bottle in just a few minutes. And at an attractive price," states the Award Committee's nomination.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Menu Top 10 from New York

In case you missed our booth at the New York Gift Show, below the 10 items that got the best reception at the show. We truly believe this years news from Menu are one of the strongest lineups ever.

10. Red is hot...Ball Glass Vase
Refreshing reinterpretation of a classic ball vase.
9. Menu's Classic Water Jug now offered in a smaller version...Water Jug, .8 L
The new water jug from Menu is tall, slim and simple – specifically created for the purpose it was intended.

8. Always have cool water on hand...Norm Water Bottle
The airtight lid keeps freshness in and unwanted odors out. It can be stores easily in the refrigerator door so cold, ready-to-serve water is always on hand.

7. Be discrete...Picnic Corkscrew
This new corkscrew by Menu is discrete yet full of character. The soft, comfortable silicone handle ensures a good grip.
6. Keep boxed wine fresh...Baggy Wine Coat, Black
This wine coat is designed for a wine bag from a 3 liter (standard) Bag-in-Box. The opening fits all standard taps and it's easy to lift and carry by the broad, soft rubber belt.

5. Add a little art to each day...INK Thermo Cups
The award-winning thermo cups now come in a limited edition design by Alexander Hasnaoui, one of Denmark's most respected tattoo and airbrush artists.
4. Bring your own wine...Picnic Coolcoat
With this cool coat, the detachable cooling pad allows you to enjoy chilled wine. It features a convenient handle with vibrant and sensible reflector tape.
3. Keep condiments within reach...Pod Shakers by Norm
Use this pod shaker with large holes by Norm to hold bigger herbs and spices such as chili flakes. 2. Let your wine breathe...Winebreather Carafe
This elegantly designed carafe aerates your wine in one easy step.


1. Think big...Double Candleholder XL
Impressive, giant edition of the luxurious ’Double’ candle holder designed by Mikaela Dörfel.