Friday, March 26, 2010

Menu Carving & Serving Set Wins Design Plus Award

Menu's Carving & Serving Set proudly won the prestigious Design Plus Ambiente Award, a competition that launched in 1983 in Frankfurt. Awards are based on product design innovativeness and new creative directions.

MOMA is now carrying the Serving Set in their 2010 Spring Catalog and have recently added the Menu Cool Coat in Lime/White.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Gense Shakes Things Up

Gense Shakers feature a classic design with a retro 50's feel. The eye-catching conical shakers are made from stainless steel with a plastic black foot and come in 3 sizes - sugar, salt, and pepper. Suggested retail is $49.95

Friday, March 5, 2010

DropStop Offers Great New Feature

DropStop now offers the option of individualized features for DropStop orders. They can print numbers, code combinations, or names all in the same production run and with low reproduction costs.

This makes DropStop perfect as a voucher for lottery campaigns, sweepstakes or as name cards for weddings, giving DropStop to a whole new application!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Unusual Cups

To create a double-walled porcelain mug, Pernille Vea had to develop a whole new way of producing porcelain.

The first thermo cups were launched in the 50's. But they were made one-of-a-kind , the production method was very time-consuming. So for many years thermo cups were only for elegant little ladies sipping mocha. It wasn't until MENU launched the Black Contour mug that the thermo cups became accessible to a much larger group of people.

"In 2002 when I began working on the first thermo mug, Birgitte Ran Bennike Mayall, a designer and qualified ceramist, helped with the first models" said designer Pernille Vea.

It was designed as an informal mug for the wider public without a handle, now that the production method allowed for a surface that was cool to hold. It is the process that makes the double-walled cups both expensive and cumbersome. It is a long difficult process to create a cavity in the cup, which insulates and keeps the outer surface cool even when it is full of hot coffee.

But with a few tweaks in the production process, they were able to create thermo mugs at and affordable price. This production method revolutionized the way double-walled porcelain items are produced today and paved the way for the modern method of creating all thermo mugs. And that's quite a few..