Friday, July 20, 2012

"This is Not a Pipe" - Menu Pipe Candleholders

Design by:
Pernille Vea

Cast Iron

Designer Pernille Vea talks about her latest creation.

“Ceci c'est pas une pipe.” The title of that famous painting also suits the outdoor Pipe Candleholder because it is not a pipe. But it is greatly inspired by the practical form of a pipe. Hence the name.
However, the pipe is not the only source of inspiration for the Pipe candleholder. Designer Pernille Vea also takes inspiration from the Vikings’ rough candleholders, forged as a nail at one end and a candleholder at the other. They could be banged in wherever needed – in a wall, a wooden pole, or a tree.

The Pipe candleholder is created with the same powerful convenience, but is cast rather than forged. Bang it into one of the many possible spots in your garden and create a unique lighting design. Then it’s just a matter of lighting the candles and enjoying the cozy atmosphere outdoors.